Face licks from Strider!

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#TongueTuesday on a Wednesday!

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A queue of huskies and a show of tongues! Human said this was a good spot to have a rest. I think the handy boulder with something that you could attach a lead was the main reason the human liked it!

Morning walks.

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Bet you can’t touch your nose with your tongue like me Strider!

Our first video outside!

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Been a long time coming, but we thought we would try and find a few of our video clips to post 🙂

Strider in his favourite shady spot. With his log!

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Striders favourite shady sleeping spot! With his log!

Our first post!

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Us as young pupsters!

What to put for our first post? Hummm…

We will take the easy options and post a pup pic!

The terrible twins!